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So out of nowhere, an anonymous deviant gifted me with three months of premium membership!? :O Well, thanks, whoever you are! :D
Not quite sure what to do with it, though :P I'm not that avid of a DA user, so I'm maybe not the best person to bestow this gift upon... But I don't wanna complain about recieving a gift, so I better end this journal now :D Thanks again :)
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Tara-E-H Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2015
Okay, so I lost track of my other comment (it was toooooo far down the comment chain =P) but I wanted to say that I finally saw "Interstellar" just now and I'm glad I did so! It was longer than it needed to be, but aside from that and the many major plot holes and unsatisfying ending aside, it was an interesting look at human nature and uncertainty about the future and trying to cope with that. Especially about human nature, and the overt references to Dylan Thomas's poem ("Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night") --it's actually one of my favorite poems and it was cool to see it referenced multiple times! :)

As for the more subtle themes, I loved the idea of history repeating itself that the film brings up. You know the clips with the older people talking about the dust and the dust storms at the beginning and also somewhat at the end? You're not an American history aficionado so I wouldn't expect you to know this, but those are actually clips from interviews about the dust bowl, a devastating drought that took place in the 1930's in the mid-western US! (I know this for a fact because I saw them all in a documentary.)  So it plays with the idea of this post-apocalyptic world not being too far off from real life. I find that interesting.

Anyway, I'm really tired so I'm not sure if I’m making any sense. Well, I hope you had a happy new year and that you're having a great time in Sweden!

light-serpent Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Alright, I'm back! :la: A belated happy new year to you too :)

Turns out my fear of my luggage being too heavy was completely unfounded, since I didn't even come close to the weight limit. Also, there were no strikes, so there was no reason to worry about that, either... However, one thing we didn't take into account was the weather - While during the whole Christmas time it was pretty warm, that changed on the day we were scheduled to leave, and due to heavy snowfall in Frankfurt (where we had a stopover), our flight was simply cancelled :P After some waiting in line, we got assigned a new flight for the following day, directly from Vienna to Stockholm, as well as a free taxi to Vienna. A nice side effect of this was that we could join my flatmate's birthday party that evening :D Also, since the new flight was way faster, we didn't arrive totally late like initially planned, but rather in the evening, which made everything way less stressful :) So that worked out pretty well for us, I would say :D
The following days were filled with lots of museums, great Swedish cuisine, and surprisingly warm temperatures, since while Central Europe was in the grip of a strong cold spell with lots of snow, the North was met with warm climate :P When we arrived there still was some snow, but in the following days it all melted, and while it wasn't really warm due to the strong wind, it was still way less cold than expected (and also less cold than at home, which is pretty ironic :D). The Nachteil of this was that we couldn't go cross-country skiing like we had planned, but instead we did go hiking a bit, as well as ice skating on a frozen lake :) Also, visiting a sauna and cooling off in an ice hole in the lake was pretty great :D
The flight home was luckily uneventful, and all in all, it was a pretty great vacation :)

For my reddit secret santa gift, I just ended up packing some of my favourite unknown movies on a flash drive. I know that seems a bit cheap, but I just didn't find a suitable dvd :/ Now combined with my breaking bad artwork, some Austrian sweets and some movie pitches, this made up my present, and I really hope my giftee liked it... Haven't heard from him since, so I'm a bit worried :/
And yes, I also recieved a gift, just fetched it from the post office yesterday :) It's from Ireland, and consists of a box of chocolates, some tasty jellies, a book from Terry Pratchett's Diskworld series (which is funny since I just finished my first Pratchett book :D), and a comic sketchbook/reference guide, which looks really useful :) Pretty great present! I'll definitely take part in next year's exchange, too! :)

Yes, Interstallar had its flaws (though I'm not sure what the many major plot holes were for you - There were a few, sure, but it wasn't that bad :P), but it was still one of the most enjoyable movies I watched lately. And thanks for pointing out the dust bowl thing, I didn't catch that at all! Really interesting :)
Also, the score is just amazing :D Something that really stands out in the rather bland world of modern soundtracks.

I actually feel kinda bad for abandoning the previous comment thread :D Would be great if it just went on forever and ever, but well, it really got pretty unclear, so it's probably for the best :D
Tara-E-H Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2015
Welcome back :) I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation-- it sounds like you had a great time! Even if it wasn't nearly as cold as you hoped it would be ;P So were the Swedish people nice? And did you like their language?

Wow, those sound like some rather involved gifts! But awesome gifts, though. :D I guess I'm in all the wrong secret santas. ;) We're doing a secret santa at work on Friday (well, technically we're doing it at a party after work, but anyway) and we've all made it clear that we're foisting our unwanted Christmas gifts on each other. It'll be great. :la:

Oh, just the many plot holes including why Anne Hathaway's character was randomly in love with this other scientist (Edmunds?) with no backstory, no investigation into the post-apocalyptic world in which they live, other than "oh, the moon landings were faked to bankrupt the Soviet Union", how Cooper managed to survive falling into a black hole with only a space suit, why that physics professor guy "betrayed everyone" (I never trusted physics professors, so that gave me all the reason I needed ;P), why solving the equation of gravity suddenly enabled everyone to be able to live on Saturn in your typical Nolan-esque sideways world, etc. etc... Given all of that, I didn't even really notice the soundtrack, so I'll have to take your word for it (it's funny when people notice completely different things about a movie like that... this is why it's worthwhile to compare notes :D)

Oh, I'm sorry Serpent... I lost your other notification, so I would have needed to scroll all the way down to add my thoughts about the movie. I was just too lazy. =P It was still impressive that the first comment of the thread is dated September 30... all the way to the end of December-- that's gotta be a new record. ;)
light-serpent Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, while on the one hand I'm kinda bummed that it wasn't as cold as expected, I'm also relieved, because I'm not sure if I'd have been able to deal with freezing temperatures for a whole week. Also, one of my friends who accompanied me was even less cold resistant, so we would have had to take public transport way more often instead of walking everywhere, which would have been quite expensive! :D
The Swedish were really nice, yes - One thing that especially stands out is their greeting - They say "Hej" in such a joyful way that it instantly makes you feel welcome, it's really great :D
We also met up with a half Swedish, half Austrian girl that's the niece of the boss of the mother of one of the friends I travelled with (:P), who was also totally nice and showed us around in the city :)
The language is also quite fun in general, since many of the words are similar to German, as well as some that are close to English, so you can get around without knowing much Swedish. (Besides the fact that pretty much everyone there is fluent in English). So if I'd learn another language, I'd probably really chose Swedish :D

Your secret santa sounds fun too ;P And a great way to get rid of unwanted gifts, which is also nice :D

I think it's funny that you critizised that the movie was too long, but now say that it lacked explanations ;P I wouldn't necessarily call them plot holes, which for me is something that just doesn't make sense, but rather plot points that didn't get much exposition. But I'm okay with that, I like it when things are left to the viewer's imagination. Especially the post-apocalyptic world, after all it's not a disaster movie, and I think the world was shown enough to feel believable.
As for the professsor, the reason for his betrayal was that he knew that the crew would never agree to the mission if they knew that plan A was (seemingly) impossible.
But yes, the ending was a bit too much of an easy happy ending, I agree with you there. Also the physics things like surviving the black hole (which could be explained by the future people buiding a safetly mechanism?) and the whole premise of sending a message trough time with gravity sound kinda unbelievable, but on the other hand, my physics knowledge isn't the best, and if I recall correctly, NASA scientists helped working on the script, so who knows :D
But it's really hard for me to grasp how you just didn't notice the soundtrack - It's so outstanding with it's droney segments and the organ, something you hardly hear in soundtracks, and yet completely fitting for the movie! Really interesting how differently people perceive things!

I completely understand you - I dug through the conversation one or two times before, and it's really time-consuming to find what you're looking for :P That deviation now is the one with the most comments by far with 126 comments, I guess it's about time we let it rest ;)
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Tara-E-H Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014
Hi! I know it must be past midnight in Europe so... happy birthday! :D I wish you a year filled with completed projects, college acceptances, and whatever else makes life great! :la:
light-serpent Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks very much! :) These two things would already make me very happy :D

So now we can start filling up my profile! ;P

That are some great title suggestions for our book :D However, to be successful with it we'd probably have to add a lot more drama and suspense! Maybe add another mysterious character who reads all our conversations and at some point suddenly chimes in (Person reading our conversations: That's your cue!) :D
Tara-E-H Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014
You're welcome! I hope you had a wonderful day with lots of cake and good times. :) I also hope I won the prize for the most specific birthday greeting! :D (Yes, that's a thing-- or it has been since my birthday this year when my friend texted me, "Happy birthday! I hope it's a great one, and furthermore that you find grand success and personal fulfillment in convincing people to vote for Democrats!"-- I'm interning for a political campaign this semester. =P) But anyway.

Hm, yeah, we'd need to add more excitement to our conversations to attain commercial success. Well, if all else fails, I'm sure we'd be good material for an episode of Catfish. =P It's a show about online friends/couples meeting in person for the first time and it usually ends with them being like, "What, you said you were a 21-year-old college student and it turns out you're actually a 38-year-old married man with four kids. What the hell." Haha, I actually hope not, because that show makes me question humanity. I blame my roommate for getting me hooked. (Ah! Another lame pun! :/ ) 
light-serpent Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hah, yes, you definitely won the prize :D That's a funny idea, I'll remember it ;)

That's an interesting idea - However, it would require us to meet in public, and as much as I'd like to, I doubt that I'll be visiting the US anytime soon :P
The show seems interesting - I knew about the movie with the same name and premise that I've been meaning to watch, but I didn't know they turned it into a show! Maybe I'll check it out :D
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outsidelogic Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the comments and the watch...much appreciated!
light-serpent Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome, it's well deserved -  your work is outstanding! :clap:
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